A Bit of Violence With These Old Engines

by Kiran Leonard

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this record is for all friends in spain and portugal, especially andreu "ubaldo" g. serra, whose boira label put this tape out in a limited edition. similar to #4, all voice and guitar recordings (live & at home). recorded in oxford, lisbon, amposta city (catalunya), and saddleworth uk. està tot molt mal però millorarà, te lo digo en serio


released March 9, 2018


all rights reserved



Kiran Leonard Manchester, UK


from saddleworth, uk ; songs writes pruelewarne.tumblr.com

al albums put in chronological order w basic descriptions of their contents, #12-1

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Track Name: Hidden Envy/Sea of Eyes
and i saw you in the room there
success able to divide
a mortal’s fulfilment;
still glancing at the greener side

and it’s a yearning, my life,
my hidden envy

you have it, what is it?
temptation; the well is low
the mythic luminaries
i see the itinerary

and it’s a dull glass, the overpass
my hidden envy

this is my last poem
and the blinkers have fallen off
king-sized, shinkwrapped; i dismiss
o to live paralysed and accept era capital
Track Name: Unreflective Life (partial)
(the) switch steams, the circuit's dead;
his head is a silhouette
idling, a study robbed of speech.
he slowly unfolds, vapour moon
approaching wise, quiet release,
banishing dark plumes
(the damaging that he can't describe)

the deluge of wrong events
gave way to a reticence;
the fugal chaos
of voices saying “no”
ravaging souls thought to have found hope
in vocal light, words of ease...
wholly immersed, escaping like a cloud to our eyes;
his waking embers derealised, he suddenly let go.

it is too much for him;
reflective life makes him feel pathetic,
like a veil (ad)dressing a storm,
or a teething dramatic without resolve
(to run away... accept malaise...)
is it not enough to sigh and separate yourself
from each wire ringing with blame?
assume it's you; don't exhume
(you'll be happier)

and gentlemen
of rage and terror: i know
there's fear in change,
in fading image, i know,
but stem duress,
your greedy enemy ghosts;
let gentleness
surround and soften (i know);
let spires of light
impress your vanishing sight,
as fellows, through smoke,
approach your weathering eyes.
we are tethered and spent,
spinning into the arms
of a quiet inside,
a screaming antidote

to all terrible creatures armed with your steak knives:
do you think that you know what we are?
to all famines dressed as teachers, conjuring respite:
do you think we don't know what you are?

but then again,
the crooks' deafening blow:
the cracks within
the mirror joining our lives;
the broken pane
reflects innumerable lines,
we become overwhelmed.
Track Name: Dennes
dilettante of ruin
silence breathing on a flagstone, looming
a nape of stars flows toward a circle

land of uncertainty
(a monochrome of living history distorts,
pulling a comb over any which way)

a claret-coloured pail exudes
a thought that is unending;
it is emptied and bruised

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