Abandoning Noble Goals EP

by Kiran Leonard

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this record is called 'abandoning noble goals' partly in reference to a lyric in the last song but also to reference the fact that i had two central motifs for this record - first joy, and then honesty - and i failed at fulfilling both of them. in june i decided i wanted to make an 'ep of joy' as soon as i finished a load of exams, like a cathartic release. i also wanted to do this because the last two albums i put out (the pend oreille LP and 'terreiro do paço') are probably the two bleakest records i've ever put out in my life, really pessimistic and unsure. this 'ep of joy' didn't end up transpiring but the last two songs on this album (both of which were written in the past month), are related in part to this aforementioned cathartic release, and trying to articulate the joy of coming out of, say, a bout of low self-esteem (this is what the song 'visions of worthless shortcomings' is about).

it's difficult to talk in detail about how you feel when the feelings aren't overwhelmingly positive, as they inevitably aren't from time to time, but i think honesty's a really important skill for a songwriter to develop that i hope to develop as i get older/less self-conscious (i hope the two run in tandem??).

the old blurb for this EP had a long anecdote about meeting and corresponding with daniel johnston, which i have removed because it was a bit much, but this EP is dedicated to him, particularly his cassette 'don't be scared', which has been an inspiration and a lifeline for many years

in december 2018 i replaced the lyrics to 'o hospidero' because my translation of mack's song, and my portuguese, was so abysmal that it was embarrassing. portugueses: agora espero que seja melhor


released August 13, 2015

kiran leonard: acoustic guitar, banjo, bass guitar, drum kit, electric guitars, field recordings, finger cymbals, frying pan, mandolin, melodica, muesli packet, piano, reed organ, sandpaper, synthesiser, tambourine, tenor guitar, toms, toy megaphone, violin, voice

front cover by kelly adams


all rights reserved



Kiran Leonard Manchester, UK


from saddleworth, uk ; songs writes pruelewarne.tumblr.com

al albums put in chronological order w basic descriptions of their contents, #12-1

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Track Name: After the Rain Came In
under ice
hysterics entice
all the build up to the end
of life
was sensual
bustling around

i was knocked down a flight
when you caught me out that night
sat motionless in the dinghy

and unless calendars have failed us
our sons await a century
and even symbols
and deflated temples
rot at the

surface; the upwards curve

in mesoamerica
the tears are real
we begin
the upwards curve

and i didn't know
what bishop said
it recedes and then catches
on a fragment of fate
and half a pillar of hate

twenty-four years too late!
Track Name: Working People
he was too proud
to ask for food; could
not speak up

on allowance;
to nurse his mother
he’d left his job

“working people, we hear you:
the lazy and the feckless
will pay for their wrongdoings”

they cut his power
the insulin in the fridge
was spoiled

his sister found him
near a pile of cvs
with an empty stomach

“working people, we hear you"
while those who are voiceless
make no sound

working people:
are we not
our brothers and sisters’
Track Name: Visions of Worthless Shortcomings
one night in the South my legs became sleepy
while reading a poem,
a million stones settled
& bound me

there was a sandcastle in my chest
my desk reached in and time took to wheezing
(an elaborate arc
of floodlights and bark in
vigil surround me)

i was a corpse in a window display
but then … through the glass … relief came oozing …
i forget decisions
confronted with visions
of worthless shortcomings


we met in a shadowed hour
where foliage and moths embroidered the garden
anecdotal retention
the weight of a question
are hidden by laughing

like a vassal to my brain,
i begged you to stop me from dancing
but the smile of a room
and a glass like a tomb
(go figure) distort me

you know i never can understand …
why songs about this are songs about movement
the continuity’s absent
there’s only fistfuls of instance
and visions abounding


sometimes in the wings of a giant night
the gloom of half-light and rising vapour
carries me to a grave
where the tight-knit and brave
converge, and astound me

but the glimpse of a second shoreline
sets rain on the dunes obstructing a valve ...
and at the base of my toes
the strength of that coast
dismantles the quarry

i never know when the threshold falls
(eyes down; like a vole, i structured my sentence)
but at the meeting of hands
and the exchange of a glance
all trying was pointless

and on the brink of a whispered epithet
all shortcomings are worthless
Track Name: Eunuch
i went to yours in distress
loose leaf and admittance of sickness
with fear in my voice, i divulged: now you know
stories from an era ago

i replay scenes in my sleep
reinterpret words that were said to me
inside there's a confident voice that phrases truths
wordless and mute, it explains everything

fixed on the rug with my eyes
you smiled and tried to sympathise
silence creeps in and scratches at my hands
it's alright, nothing wrong, don't
ask it'll take too long
to explain, in real life, or in song

you might ask why i insist
on keeping my distance and phrasing it like this
obscured and safe in metaphorical repose
honesty's a noble goal until it comes too close

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