Garden in Bermuda

by Various

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a compilation, akin to #2, collecting songs recorded between 2013-16, mostly during my first couple years of university. these were for projects which were later abandoned, or for no project at all. released, like #3, as a limited edition CD-R during an august 2016 uk tour w/ secret admirer.

this record is quite experimental i think, but tracks 3 and 10 are, i promise, secretly heartstring-tugging ballads (in honour of international communism and the family unit, respectively)

front cover by ruby leonard


released August 22, 2016


all rights reserved



Kiran Leonard Manchester, UK


from saddleworth, uk ; songs writes

al albums put in chronological order w basic descriptions of their contents, #12-1

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Track Name: Advol - Everest Copier
who has gone rogue w/ my everest copier?
tempest milquetoast foetus carrier straight and
narrow; keep it light; don't splinter the masses
we have families, we have gardens in bermuda
who has gone AWOL with simulacrum?
where are the orgies of the summers
we preserved in amber?
who took our reins, our authority and
made us predict them? who?
a sheikh, madman, or sports commentator? who?
Track Name: Kiran Leonard - Annie Edson Taylor
water-borne; the mist; the auburn heroine
morning in horseshoe, floats the widowed daredevil
wearing her finest hat and daytime apparel
falls off the edge off kanada in a barrel

if you could see the edge
from a wet-through vertical precipice!
bleeding from a gash at the daw of her head she split
she says "i will speak ill! pray tell what
will come of those attempt this..."
Track Name: Kiran Leonard - Coyoacán
revolution is not everything;
it is the means to an end
a vulgar temporary
path to fair society,
is required and merciless
but prone under permanence
to evade the rule of crowd
in this light, i see that now

in visions swallowed whole
in scuffles for control
there is no compromise,
forget the common goal
(and truer villains then arise
to use the void to tyrannise)
in hopeless, failing health
i see them turn on themselves

she pushed the window in my room
and let a breeze come passing through
i lay in bed, enthralled;
the grass beneath the wall
reflected light in all its tongues
an empty sky gave out like song
in every waking heart
to ask for this: i regret not

with every trembling step
the clammer ceases, i pray yet
Track Name: Kiran Leonard - Aron
that was his fix; one of a chain
do you remember last night, when you struck my face?
did it ease the pain?
and i'm sorry i provoked you; now
i know that you're not to blame.

the more that you curse, and the further you drift out to sea
the easier it gets to forget about the love you give to me.
Track Name: Advol - I Reached Out and You Disappeared
i'm in attendance
to this meeting of upmost significance
and the bed's not dressed
with a comb and cigarette
the doctor (sporting discothèque)
with a scalpel and a hat like a minaret
will take the violence of this
moment and paint frenzied w our heads
you wept; we helped you in it's
not a rare decision, it can't hear it
has no live to miss it's best we end it quickly
(the thoughts fall out the doctor's head by
accident, you look on scared)
"how i'd like to dance instead...
like to paint my body red
where's the bloody helium" he
mumbles in delirium;
the eery silences are trimmed
the rattling of all your limbs
i wait outside, the air goes dead
and then you scream and i raise code red
doctor jumps upon the bed...
cuts you open, eats from a skull
and the voice in his head says "i'm full, i'm full..."
echoes echoes howl
(rid us, rid us of experience!)
i reach out and you disappear
trailing your boy up into the sky
Track Name: Pend Oreille - Moss Roquefort
in the woods there's a waterfall
that hides the cave that we live in
we don't have goods look or a salary
(but we've got the next best thing!)

my friends are all on demerol
and live a life w/o clarity
they wish they could get away from it all
i wish i'd got a law degree

the city breaks you from within
but nature gets under my skin

i've got a friend who works in industry
she's constantly on overtime
i'm neighbours with a parakeet
but we don't ever share good times
and i guess they'll never find the balance
and try to start a family
and i guess we'll stay behind this waterfall
depressed w nothing but moss to eat
Track Name: Kiran Leonard - Second Year
when thoughts on the future expose narrow corridors
when faced with recognition that you gave it all, and it was not enough
some days a modicum can weigh on you a lot
and when basic conversation escapes you and makes you feel small
some days, no one asks you; other days you don't want to talk
so just stretch your hands out, we can help you stand tall
...something hidden has come undone:
a bout may feel endless but all things they move on
childhood friends are disappearing, my brother has a son
i watch swallows through a skylight as my father chops kindling in the yard
sometimes it's alright to give up
sometimes it's alright to give up

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