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the main project i was working on from 2013-15, specifically alongside records 4-6. this is the noisy one with lots of guitars. thank you to moshi for having the good faith to put it on vinyl


released March 25, 2016

kiran leonard: acoustic guitar, banjo, bass guitars, bongo, cittern, cowbell, drums, electric guitars, field recordings, finger cymbals, goat bells, magnetic tape machine, mandolin, melodica, mud bucket, oscillator, pans [frying, sauce-], penny whistle, radio [analog, wide-band SDR], reed organ, ride, sandpaper, synthesiser, tambourine, television, thunder tube, toy megaphone, violin, voice

cassia string quartet:
amy welch, tory clarke: violin (1, 4, 5, 8)
laurie dempsey: viola (1, 4, 5, 8)
joshua lynch: cello (1, 4, 5, 8)

sam barber: trombone (1, 2, 8)
freya smith: oboe (2, 5)
cameron woodhead: clarinet, alto sax (2)
simon prince: alto sax (8)
jamie philokyprou: violin (2)
tom broadbent: viola (2)
helene bradley, mary epworth, will twynham: voice (1, 2)
mackenzie keefe: voice (2, 6)
john o'brien: voice (2)
hattie coombe: voice (3, 8)
andy proudfoot: voice 3, 8)


all rights reserved



Kiran Leonard Manchester, UK


from saddleworth, uk ; songs writes

al albums put in chronological order w basic descriptions of their contents, #12-1

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Track Name: Secret Police
there is not a distance
no room well-hidden
to counter the offence
the cars at night; the breath of the lens

and in the home there sits the water
that i provide for my wife and daughter
so who am i to run through mute terrain
as they drag me out, and throw soil on my name?

and we are rustic and detained,
blackening the mirrors;
estranged from youth, the wind is amplified
jutting out at our heroes

to sleep, at length with peace,
looking out for the secret police;
the moon was a spy for them at night
to see you with
Track Name: Pink Fruit
i am not told
you'll arrive in your best
the wig and fine dress
throws me
and the pace in my chest
increases tenfold
when the gaze you have holds
on me
stand to obey
and the moment is carried away

hairline of heir apparent
disposed of pretence

a shout from the king
that pulls you to me
cause a smile i can't hide
is enough to take you outside

nearly touching, arms outstretched
we stood in a drawing room

thoughts are scarce
there's no movement upstairs
and the court noises are drowning

you lie down
and i see your skin
the fear in your eyes
at the hollow abdomen

i stood back nervously
when sat beneath your chest
is a squid
you say you can explain
a tentacle reaches out
and grabs my wrist

that night, is distinct
is a horror
how does it carry on
out of water

not discussed, carry on
she dresses crying


heaven elect my misery
judging eye of history
the remits are confused
levelled at the limits of this
ark wilderness we stand to lose


[woman of abdomen squid]:

garrote me sober let truth divide
arrested winter; my hands are tied
the creek is empty my love is true
infected angel her eyes are blue
she isn't there when she begs for you

all crested nimble false interest
incentive fidgets it's not her best
a median picture, the lie you see
nestling warm underneath a tree
you'd realise if you turned to me

sleepy temper at least it's pure
unlike the folks in the cracked mirror
i won't pull out of the sick linen
drowning my mind through the thick and thin
and i won't tell you what i've taken in

garrote my body or cut the crest
cut off my head and put me in a nest
the tongue is numb from her vicious love
she keeps it dry in a box of snuff
she doesn't know what she's thinking of

i adolesce
default to dark art
concerning the heart
it's false
acrid unfazed whatever

intoned seriousness

it was a pink fruit
i ought to see you


the sun bared down
ulterior, unnamed
shapeless are angels
Track Name: Öndör Gongor
ethel is a hungry orb
paste in its heart alone
ethel is a hungry orb
locked in the docks below

and out in the night of the shotgun
holes weave deep into jaw strap elastic

a clatter of shins hit the dock
a heaven in the sharks' abode
while ethel the hungry orb
rots in the docks below

and out in the night of the shotgun
holes weave deep into jaw strap elastic

erasers to stone, erasers to stone
self-advertised disfigurement
erasers to stone, erasers to stone
for hades of the palisade
erasers to stone, erasers to stone
forgotten mirrors aggravate
erasers to stone, erasers to stone
co-operative treason

and it all whales out and knocks bone
speaking only to the tops of the trees

out in the night
ethel is hungr
out in the night
Track Name: Caiaphas In Fetters
can you find peace, oh?
oh what you do that you
can't explain don't
make the sin no
violins don't touch
a thing bring the
broken wing
downwards softly
unchain the wheels
and arrange the room
as it feels
ask yourself do you
feel as i feel

the birds
intrinsic and aloft
eclipsed the words

carved the way down
carved the way down
carved the way down

desperate leads for a desperate men
my life under
and the reins of discontent
my life on
the devil's left arm

i'll take to the west, take to the plains
with the condors and the rarity of the rains
truth above, i'm not the same

don't stop
tredding on haricots
Track Name: Don't Make Friends With Good People
in this room
where ageless wept
i never felt so worthless and direct
on this street
two masts attempt
and i never felt so worthless and direct

we got lost in the hills
with fog lights on
dressed in discomfort, cursing, harrowed and suspect
but there was room
for harking on
words out an open window, worthless and direct

light breaks out on inertia!
i’m in the catskills
and an attack in the foothills
brings me to a standstill
'but that's the way the creature thinks!...'

is this injury within my head?
sick of denial and amending plenary
i hid my doubts in you, and grinned instead
but i was afraid that you weren't of this century!

i am bob brantley
derision attacks me
a private soliloquy

no thoughts to distill
(i can't keep my head still)
misinterprets the symbol

if you could see
that i'm not boring now


there was a violence
in how you spoke
no underlying empathy to detect

you do not possess her;
it's not a joke
to say that it's complimenting, worthless and direct


you don't know my surname
i can't remember what was said or who to blame
i don't suppose that we know anything
your father brought flowers
your mother tended to as we whiled away the hours
and i cannot imagine being so contrived

oh our liberty is better than yours, and you cannot join us, ogre!
but sympathy's odour compells us,
and strange as it is, i would do anything
i know that it seems false but i would do anything
i know that it seems false but i want my answers

i'm in the catskills!
i can't keep my head still!
can't identify the signal
'that's the way the creature thinks...'


i fell short of what i was told deemed to be right
it's inevitable; light is a furnace
night distorts everything, and good riddance, no matter,
it's inevitable; light is a furnace
that engulfs all dark


they've got the beats
and they're vicious
nobody can stop them
they're of another planet
this! ideal!
Track Name: Exeter Services
the nihilists' ballad is the crux of the wraith
just as songs on guitar are an admission of faith
and the blood on the strings is no substitute
when the neon strip is a godless commute

wordless is worthless
wordless is worthless
wordless is worthless
wordless is worthless

she has a photogenic hip-flick brigade
she's on invisible reels, the bilderberg trade
and her pals are on carpets cause none of them prayed

wordless is worthless
wordless is worthless
wordless is worthless
wordless is worthless

give to the rest, humbly uncertain

i'm in the catskills, total duality
fall of ophelia, absolute anarchy
no stimulation, somebody ripples
next to the station, drowning in riddles

wordless is worthless
wordless is worthless
wordless is worthless
wordless is worthless

drape the battle axe in proof
the matinee up on the roof


he splits his head again
a brick juts from the wall
they stamp on his face
no trouble at all

and it's like 'highness
let it loose'
sends the heart lions
to the noose

he lives in an empty house
where the paper mats have ripped
holding host to our artists
the skinned and the thin-lipped

and it's like 'highness
let it loose'
sends the heart lions
to the noose
Track Name: Half-Ruined Already
we call this our home
an island of stone
and surrounding blue seas;
we try to rest
near the place where we met
in the colony

i lost both my legs
to the same illness
that set your arms free
but we have our roles
and our halves form a whole
when you carry me

and sometimes i fear
the bond we hold dear
is only necessity,
and if i could walk,
would you still want to talk
in a tavern in crete?

and if the warmth of her skin
makes the air feel thin
is it fate or desperation?
are days with her really dreamlike
or just to ease agitation?

but i call this our home
and when we're alone
i don't want to go anywhere
and we go and watch
waves crash into the rocks
and you take me there
Track Name: Fireplace
the old photographs that i kept
the dents in the bed where you slept
how can i know what the lights reveal
and sift through the debris to find what was real

little darling
the damp of the grass where we kissed
little darling
the ribbon that curled round your wrist
little darling
how did it fumble and burst on the rocks
left to decay and thrown to the flocks
and how can i know if the sycamore talks

i should have known
it was not within you to have cared
too outgrown
to accept it was not what we shared
i clasped the roots
and repeated the things that it said

how could i know that the fear remained
and fight to decode the terror you'd gained
your weakness was how you enjoyed the unknown
now you sleep through the days and the nights alone

i miss the house
and the thin layer of frost on the panes
and spite my youth
and the sore emptiness of my veins
in spite of all
i cannot quite remember your name

how did i cope when i found you weren't there
and toil with the truth that you never did care
and won't come to lie at my fireplace
evelyn closed her eyes saw the light turned to face

how could i know if the cracks revealed
the dark tenderness of the sting and yield
rinsed from the days of the old baptist hall
the long summer haze and the bat and ball
and everything goes down the hole in the sink
when you're numb and there's not been enough to drink
died in the night just to sleep through the days
but won't you come back to my fireplace

and how will i come to the end of the bridge
that i found myself at when i fell off the ridge
sleep through the days cause i've got time to kill
and hope that i wake with my body laid still
just to escape all the words in my head
'evelyn' on my lips as i climb out of bed
and when i'm awake i just scream for release
and i toil in my sleep but the sleep brings me peace
so i won't shed tears if i just cease to be
and i don't mind much if you don't long for me
i'll learn to forgive all the memories you bring
when you burnt all my letters with your wedding ring
and yet i still care and i'd hold you closely
thankful and patient through sweet misery
we all got in suits and we wished you the best
but still i wait for you to be put to rest

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