Terreiro do Paço

by Kiran Leonard

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recorded in the latter half of 2014 as i was preparing to move out from home. some of the songs are about this strange transition, how it impacts your position within the family, and your relationship with family members. many of the field recordings are not from a 'field' at all but in the family home (this is also the case with the following two albums on this page, which were put together at a similar time).


released December 20, 2014

All songs by Kiran Leonard except track 2 by Washington Phillips (1880-1954).

Tracks 1 + 5 recorded at SSH studios, Manchester, 13.12.14 by Nick, Evan, and Siôn. With thanks to them, Amy, Tory, Laurie, Joshua, Freya, Cameron, Samuel, Benedict, Nina, Andrew, Mary, Will, Helene, Simon, Mum, Dad.


all rights reserved



Kiran Leonard Manchester, UK


from saddleworth, uk ; songs writes pruelewarne.tumblr.com

al albums put in chronological order w basic descriptions of their contents, #12-1

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Track Name: Kindlier Hearts or a Dearer Ground
the silhouette of bin bags in a still room
out walking ‘cross the windrows, cause i’m leaving home soon
and i’m trying to make the most of them
these hills trace a history
but a home can’t be sustained
as we all get older, and perspectives change
though hearts remain the same


the sky bears no features and is dark blue
sat in an irish pub, i am drinking with you
and i’m still getting used to that
we talk about astral weeks;
i’m no fan of it, but you say that it’s
good at setting the mood with
a member of the opposite sex

this digression discomforts me
and skews the illusion of your neutrality
you’re not supposed to feel those things!
to admit that you’re human too
recalling the personal,
sat in a dimly lit room, not all-
knowing, but in love and vulnerable


during long car journeys on winter nights
talking about work days makes me realise
our distinctions are blurring
and sometimes you’re as lost as me
dozen chapters further into the same
manual, but no nearer the end
and that’s somewhat comforting

you used to say:
"don't worry about growing up and not knowing what to do
cause i’m unsure myself which path to take for when i grow up too"
i thought you were just being funny
and it was just a joke to make me feel better
cause i thought you had an answer
for every problem that there was, but now i
know you were telling the truth


time’ll move further on, but we won’t notice
perhaps we’ll reconvene every solstice
back to that shuddering landscape
and maybe we’ll all go out walking;
through a ten-force gale a lark will start to sing
on certain fingers there may sit a ring
we’ll go and look out towards the horizon
and we'll see different things
Track Name: A Mother's Last Words to Her Son
i never can forget the day
when my dear mother did sweetly say:
"you are leaving, my darling boy,
you always have been your mother's joy

now as you leave for this world to roam,
you may not be able to get back home,
but remember jesus, who lives on high;
he's watching over you, with a mighty eye

the world is so full of sin and woe
and pain and sorrow everywhere you go
but remember jesus, who's everywhere
you get in trouble now, he'll meet you there"

and i think of my mother dear
and all the times she tried to steer
my wandering mind, gone astray,
by saying: "son, accept the way"
Track Name: A Purpose
i remember her docking,
or at least what she told me,
the mysteries of origin;
a bustling city,
bridges and shipyards
and infidel lovers;
my father was
a railway worker,
carved from the mountain;
cross country bike rides
to see my aunt mary,
no blood relation

all alone
drinking pop in the sitting room

now that i'm older
what will i be leaving
a futureless nightmare
i have a doctor
but he does not know me
i saw youths take substance
smashing our shelters
a lost generation

and how will they atone
for the bodies that they left alone

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