The End Times

by Kiran Leonard

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when i was 10 years old somebody told me that the world was going to end in 2012, on december 21. despite not believing in the theories surrounding the mayan long count calendar, i have since been obsessed with the idea of an end times, and what form it would take shape.

in this piece, which i have inventively named 'THE END TIMES', the apocalypse takes the form of a synchronised outer space attack and plethora of natural disasters. the lyrics are more or less quite vague but the first part is a half-narrative concerning a nihilistic teenager living in rural america whose uncle comes upon a spacecraft prophecising unknown horrors. the middle piano section is from the perspective of one of several migrants who have travelled to mars following the earth's destruction.

to divert the subject from the demise of our existence, the music is more guitar-driven and noisy than my previous records. this song, as well as acting as a soundtrack to the violent explosion of a caldera, is a slight indication of what my next full length lp, 'GRAPEFRUIT', will sound like. a little bit (it's not quite as foreboding as this piece)

again, i should stress that i do not believe there is even minutely reliable evidence to show that the world will end in 3 weeks, and as a result, believe there will be a 2013. however, i also think it's worth noting that one of the few scientifically verifiable end-of-the-world theories lies in recent studies of bee populations, which have been falling drastically over the past decade or so. although not centred around the beginning of the 13th b'ak'tun or related to mythology in any way, the endangerment of extinction of the bee would result in widespread poverty; the bee cannot be replaced by any existing piece of human technology, and mankind would simply die out without it. the world might not end in sync with what (people say the) mayans said, but we're probably not too far away from disaster (this is record is not doomsday-prejudiced, and its subject matter and atmosphere is applicable for all doomsday-related events)

as the years have progressed since 2007 i believe the world has become a little more chaotic, both naturally and due to the actions of human beings. i would put that down to simply growing older and being more aware of international atrocities and natural disasters, but this gradual crescendo of perceived bad omens has left a great impression on me. to anyone my age, december 21st will appear to be a great climax as our knowledge of the evils and dangers in the world has increased in tandem with a knowing awareness of mortality and, even when all logic and rationale says against it, a fear of the world ending on december 21.

the end of the world is 4 days before christmas, and 3 days after my next (and supposedly last) dentist appointment. it is the day after my dad's original retirement date, and on the day i will be washing dishes in an italian restaurant in delph. if anyone, human, mammalian, martian or saturnalian, wishes to join me, the penne markotte is very tasty.

enjoy the piece (and the universe - while you can!),
- kiran (28/11/12)


released November 28, 2012

kiran - bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, electronics, field recordings, piano, percussion, radio, synthesisers, voice
angus - saxophone


tags: pop Manchester


all rights reserved


Kiran Leonard Manchester, UK

from saddleworth, uk ; songs writes


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Track Name: The End Times
the gruel of the last advance
is (itself) the means to its end

one more
to teach
it slays
the beast!

i live in a hand-me-down
route stop; arcade citadel
i kill time relentlessly
hanging 'round with the renegades
cut neck politik dead in the
back seat shuffling tv sets
it's a lawsuit
docudrama illness

we'll cave on everyone's tiredness
uncle swears

what he saw
no name
no cause
sixteen wheels to none
and a hologram arrangement

old shoes checkered shirt
voice like a honking riverbed:
for what purpose do the earth
and stars move at your feet?

we'll cave on everyone's tiredness
the minaret ship

excelsior! violent caldera!
3am i am blind in tokyo

rainfall, dead sky
i grew up in phoenix, ca
illness, banks at unrest
billy's weird-shaped headed woman
mountain line at sea level
dog dock for absent clock
all aboard the crystal beacon
and the captain is a reptile

lehmann, lehmann, lehmann...

relax breath in ignore yourself
and external stimulus
towers fall in the war for the
electronic mission
and the river that flows through your head
and your town and the stars is a river mayan

comes around again

i cut the air!


i dug into red clay
osaka fog lens
dead homes

it sings to me, the souls of eve
rectangular to circular
the mourning fixed to several dreams
it sings to me

ship sinks, aria
behave and breathe regularly
i reach for leaves



emptied thirst; the pour of mercury
slits the arrogance of industry
in a thousand songs the solar voice
simplifies the details of the choice
smashed the bond; interprets who we are
conservation indonesia
black whip velvet soundless violin
ra's ninth eye ra's symbol marks the sin
is the healing wind that makes us sick
curated by comma tectonic?
feline boy that licked the pyramid
empties first but we're not interested
empties last and we're the prince of peace
motor city expand and release
don't trust food don't trust the jet stream
it's a vermin coma kerosene
wraps its voice inside a buttercup
it's the quail that poisoned every crop
knows the seven darknesses by name
knows the king of peace must be detained
venus moving forward centuries

ra tumour thieves that protect at the knees
boasts simply in conditions of three
read to myself it's a manner of health
who realised martians won't sympathise

key sentiment, the landlord's bent
flogged in the street to the national beat
the town volcanised, it killed other guys
operated soul remote control

tourette saint! cohort wilderness

now it seethes the float decrees the end
asleep at the wheel amen amend
rotting rock far gone too sick to mend
cracks the plate; reveals a holy crest
smoking from the fire at everest
jury the shrieks the primitives were the best
mystic chords that gouged out saturn's eyes
outer space and doomsday synchronise
the evil isn't green and it starts to rise
there is a force from the root of the rye
i suppose that the planet's about to die

masochist your engine starts to jolt
rises to the christened thunderbolt
tell your sons that it's not their fault