from by Kiran Leonard



i was born in the shadow of the workers of the saladman's factory
and i don't know how to dance and i never really learnt how to ski
if only you could know a mistake is still a melody

and deep into the mangroves, where the napalm folk and all the little creatures dwell,
you can climb into the deepest caves and cast away your darkest trails
i shan't forget, but i still wish you well

and though your thoughts are grim
a curse is still a hymn
what's a chalice if you're only whispering

and slip behind the tigers and surrender and approach upon a happy place
the moaning of the masses will descend into an uproar of infinite grace,
everything you ever worried for is only empty space

and what's use of silence when you're entering the dark into an endless war,
open wounds and firecrackers that spin into the sky just so cause they can soar,
who knows, maybe then we'll want you more

and though your thoughts are grim
a curse is still a hymn
so sink into your mind
just to pass the time


from Bowler Hat Soup, released November 13, 2013


all rights reserved



Kiran Leonard Manchester, UK


from saddleworth, uk ; songs writes pruelewarne.tumblr.com

al albums put in chronological order w basic descriptions of their contents, #12-1

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