Smilin' Morn

from by Kiran Leonard



adolescence of empty country, barbaric summer outings ('where've you been then'); the wilberrys are an elderly person's society in the village i grew up in


wilberry tour, on monterey moor,
hoping for something real to come and take them away.
the walls are hollowed thin
some were petrified; some joyous as a sin

cast back your fragile minds to your liquid induction
and fear not considering forefathers of consumption
you only think you're doomed because you are arranged so
a dark epiphany, just a stumble from a halo

and it sets like glue
and you're knelt at a church pew
and aroused from the wings, a plethora of strings,
plucked gently by the wind that carries it
and you're half-awake, so they give you a shake,
double-take to remember your reasons for this

a bowl of social politics, a bottle full of hope to see you well
out in the night it's so confused; the love you've found has got no place to dwell

i just wanna see your eyes waking up to smilin morn
i just wanna see your eyes waking up to smilin morn

there you are an idle slump, dust has formed around your bare knees
the holy walls begin to slip to give you chance to compose and release
well your head sits back with a mind numbing bank of confusion
blowing away, coming undone
and out pours the sores, and what seemed malignant before
turn their crinkled necks to face the sun
and the damage is done, now make you some fun,
and scream like your lungs may explode from the thrill of the storm
and your coveted lies won't leave tears in your eyes
as your rested self wakes to smilin' morn


from Bowler Hat Soup, released November 13, 2013


all rights reserved



Kiran Leonard Manchester, UK


from saddleworth, uk ; songs writes

al albums put in chronological order w basic descriptions of their contents, #12-1

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